A Map of the Region


When Piret wakes one morning with a Russian stranger in her bed, her flat and family are thrown into confusion. It’s 1989 and Soviet Estonia is crumbling around her and her son Tonü. With a husband whose disappearance the authorities won’t explain, Piret embarks on a campaign to find out the truth, while Tonü makes friends with the stranger who’s come to stay.

Faced with the new realpolitik of the Baltic States – from the presence of the Russian Mafia to the challenges faced in the pursuit of individual freedom, Piret and Tonü’s stories tell the history of the European fight for freedom in 1989, and a map of the geography of this complex region is drawn.

Tim Luscombe talks about the play

Selected Reviews

When work is of such quality as this, reading it is a pleasure. This is a terrific script; heartbreaking, layered and dense, the drama builds an ever-increasing hold on the emotions. The characterisation is also very strong and engaging and the dialogue, which weaves around them, is convincing and satisfying.

David Prescott Associate DirectorTheatre Royal, Plymouth

A Map of the Region is a real triumph – meaty and relevant political ideas embedded in a fast-paced, complex story. The characters are full-blooded. It’s a big and ambitious project and I can really imagine it working.

Nina SteigerLiterary ManagerSoho Theatre

Really quite brilliant. The scene is set perfectly and the pervading sense of terror and life in a Soviet state is well drawn. Misha in particular is a great cipher of this menace.

James BiermanDonmar
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