God’s Daughter

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Annie Besant, a Nineteenth Century Anglo-Irish Londoner, is driven to change the world. A devout Christian, she marries Frank a vicar, only to discover he likes hitting her. Losing her faith in marriage, she leaves Frank and, when her two-year-old daughter, Mabel, nearly dies of TB, she loses her faith in God too.

A newly-born atheist, she joins the Free Thought movement and begins her lecturing career. Seeing more opportunities for action in socialism, and after meeting George Bernard Shaw, Annie leaves the Free Thought movement for the socialist cause. Through direct action, strikes, campaigning, lecturing and pamphleteering, Annie does indeed change the world, but when Frank sues for custody of Mabel (on the grounds that Annie is an unfit mother, being a socialist campaigner) she turns back to spirituality and in particular Theosophy. Moving to India, to lead the Indian Independence Movement, Annie becomes a megalomaniacal tyrant. Then Gandhi steps into her life.


Casting: Big cast. Performable with as few as 10 (5m+5f), or many more. Equal gender spread and large age spread.

Setting: Multi-locational, from India to London.

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