Tim Luscombe is a writer and director

Tim’s first book – a non-fiction comic diary about living in Germany – and Brexit – has been published by Claret Press.

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ISBN paperback: 978-1-910461-44-0
ISBN ebook: 978-1-910461-45-7

Learning German (badly) book cover

Learning German (badly) is not a book I can safely read on public transport. It is a long time since anything rendered me quite so breathless and helpless with giggling…

Federay HolmesAssociate Artist, Globe Theatre

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We Will Rock You

We Will Rock You announces an extension of the Italian tour. After a record-breaking run that ended in April 2019, it will reopen in the autumn. https://www.facebook.com/wewillrockyouitalia/

One day, it seemed to me, the ghosts were real, the next not. One day the governess was a brave young woman brim full of integrity and love for her charges, the next a murdering psychotic.

Tim writes about the problems he encountered and solutions he found when adapting Henry James’ Turn of the Screw for the stage. His adaptation opened in Colchester in February 2018 and toured around the UK for 11 weeks. It will be revived in the spring of this year, opening in Exeter at the Northcott Theatre and touring the UK for a further 12 weeks. Read more

published work


Turn of the Screw (Oberon Books)
Emma (Stagescripts)
Northanger Abbey (Nick Hern Books)
Hungry Ghosts (Stagescripts)

The Schuman Plan. (Nick Hern Books)
Persuasion (Oberon Books)
Kimalia (Stagescripts)

Amateur Rites (Stagescripts)
Mansfield Park (Oberon Books)
The Green Bay Tree – editor (Oberon Books)


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All the time, I’m thinking two things. 1. will Jane Austen forgive me? And 2. will the audience love this bit as much as I do?

Tim discusses the background to his work on adapting Jane Austen and dealing with the tension between his love for Austen and his desire to keep a contemporary audience entertained. Read more