The Tree – an opera libretto

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A short opera about life in a commune.


When my friends Ralf and Sylvio got married they asked me and composer Jochen Neurath to write them an opera for the wedding celebration. The Tree will receive its premiere production in June 2017 in Bamberg, Franconia.

The Tree is a short (very short! – about 20 minute) opera which explores what happens when the city council seek to interfere in the way of life of those who live in a commune. The beautiful tree that stands in the middle of the commune must come down for health and safety reasons. Who will take a stand?

Character list:

  • There are 4 characters and a chorus.
  • The four characters can be played by 2, 3 or 4 singers.
  • Gender is fluid.
  • The chorus is small.

Set: Multi-locational.

The opera is unpublished.

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