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Tim Luscombe

Tim Luscombe is a writer and theatre director. As a playwright, his plays include EuroVision (1994), The One You Love (1996), The Schuman Plan (2006), Hungry Ghosts (2010) and Pig (2013).

He has written several stage adaptations from 19th Century novels including Northanger Abbey (2005), Persuasion (2011), Mansfield Park (2012), Silas Marner (2014), Emma (2017) and Turn of the Screw (2018).

In 2018, his auto-fictional book Learning German (badly) was published.

As a director, his work includes over 50 theatrical productions in the West End, on- and off-Broadway, in Japan, Europe and all over the UK. In 1992 he co-founded the London Gay Theatre Company and was its artistic director till 1996.

He lives in Berlin and is currently writing a novel.

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