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Easy Virtue

Location: Garrick Theatre,West End

Date: 1988

Easy Virtue was a big success for me. I was asked to direct it by Dan Crawford at the Kings Head after he’d seen my production of Semi Monde, another early Coward play. Semi Monde has a cast of 60, and I’d done it as a charity one-night-only performance in the West End with Judi Dench, Joanna Lumley, Barry Humphries, Kenneth Branagh, and 56 other namey actors!!

Dan asked me what other early Cowards deserved reviving and I suggested Easy Virtue. It also had quite a big cast. We did it with 21 at the Kings Head and when we transferred it into the West End we only scaled it down a little.

It was a big hit at the Garrick Theatre, where it ran for 9 months and featured Jane How, Zena Walker and Ronnie Stevens. And I was nominated for a Lawrence Oliver award for my direction.

A perfectly cast production

City Limits

The director, Tim Luscombe, has achieved miracles

Sunday Telegraph

Meticulous production by Tim Luscombe – that rare creature, a young director of impressive accomplishment and flair


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