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Honeymoon Suite

Location: New Vic theatre, Stoke-on-Trent

Date: 2009

Richard Bean’s Honeymoon Suite is a brilliant play that contains three stories told at once. They take place at three different times but all in the same place, so as the tale unfolds, you begin to understand the relationship between the three couples and the causes of their tragedies. Getting under the skin of the protagonists was a joy made easy by the skill of such performers as Sherry Baines, Martin Miller and George Banks. This was the second play I directed at the New Vic Theatre in Stoke, after Blue Orange the year before.

Tim Luscombe’s fine revival feels like a fond tribute to three ages of British comedy, Carry-On, Terry and June, and the surreal pathos of a Mike Leigh scenario.

Pick of the week, The Guardian

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