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Killing Lines


Killing Lines portrays the fortunes of a Cornish family of farmers, touching on the dangers of factory farming, the threat of animal generated pathogens and the potential of rewilding. It looks forward to a time when farming has been de-industrialized and has returned to be part of a healthy, sustainable landscape.

It has such a richness of language, of imagery, of texture, of politics, of character. It draws you in and then chews you up and spits you out with thoughts whirling in your head. It is an epic piece of work.

Colin Blumenau

There is so much about Lush which is lovely. You write so cleanly, and of course there is a real precision about its structural craft, so it in the best sense it is a “well-made play” and it feels like it. Narrative threads are seeded, and delivered, and the sense of place is very strongly observed. The characters are defined, with consistent behaviour and strong, individually defined needs that make them both visible and actable.

Dan Sherer

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