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Location: The Pleasance Theatre, London

Date: November 2015

I didn’t believe them when they said there’s a curse on this play. But after we lost our Macbeth to ill-health after ten days, I began to think it might be true.

Our decision to dress the witches as ISIS fighters was met with some interest in LAMDA, but no dissent, until we got on stage and everyone became very frightened indeed, obliging us to change the design with only 24 hours to go before opening. Ok, there’s definitely a curse on this play, I realised. The three witches ended up as IRA terrorists, which were not frightening at all, not!

Much fun was had, and, among a very talented cast, Trieve Blackwood-Cambridge, who replaced the stricken Macbeth was a particularly great treat to work with and watch develop. A star of tomorrow, or there’s no justice in the world. It was also especially wonderful to work with Rauri Murchison (designer) again, after an 18-year gap!

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