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Mansfield Park

Fanny Price, an intelligent, sensitive and quiet young woman, is unceremoniously dumped by her unloving parents into the noisy household of her uncle, Sir Thomas Bertram, where she’s buffeted from one crisis to the next. One thing remains certain in her mind, however… Her love for charismatic Edmund Bertram.


Fanny must battle family duty and everyone’s expectations of her in order to achieve her happiness. Will she be forced to marry the well-connected Henry Crawford or can she triumph over her adopted family’s demands and have the man of her dreams?

A Slick new adaptation

East Anglia Daily Times

Tim Luscombe’s adaptation of Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park at Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds has all the shiny qualities of a piece penned yesterday. It reveals Austen not as a prissy creator of romantic fiction, but as a moral satirist of enormous stature; the real and unexpected voice of an age that’s gone.

The Daily Telegraph

It is much to the credit of Tim Luscombe’s crisp new version of the tale that we are kept intrigued throughout and the highest praise is to say that, while we all know that there is a book in the background, we remain unaware of it.

The Stage

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