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Private Lives


Location: Aldwych Theatre, West End

Date: 1992

I first directed Private Lives for Michael Codron. Joan Collins starred in it and it played at the Bath Theatre Royal before it came into town and entertained packed houses at the Aldwych Theatre for many months.

Joan was impossible not to watch as Amanda, while Keith Baxter as Elyot cut a dash in his striped dressing gown. Edward Duke redefined and perfected Victor, and Sara Crow played Sybil so brilliantly that she picked up more awards than she could carry. Later on, I directed the same play again in Swedish, and faced many challenges doing it in a language which has no word for wit.

Mr Luscombe’s production, starring Joan Collins, brings out the emotional volatility under the repartee


Stylishly directed by the remarkable Tim Luscombe

Daily Mail

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