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Relative Values

Location: Chichester and West End

Date: 1993

A great, late Coward play, Relative Values opened at the Chichester Festival Theatre with Susan Hampshire and Sara Brightman playing the leads. Edward Duke played the best friend with great brilliance and Alison Fiske stole the show with her hilarious Moxie. Rob Howell designed a startling and ingenious set, and costumed it to perfection.

Susan and Sara carried the evening so boldly and sure-footedly, that the production came into the Savoy Theatre in the West End, where it ran for a good long time. Which meant, that as a director, I had two shows running in the West End at the same time, as EuroVision was also playing just a bit further down the Strand. This was the second time that has happened. The first being when the Browning Version & Harlequinade and Artist Descending a Staircase played concurrently.

Tim Luscombe’s production is impeccably stylish.

Sunday Times

Tim Luscombe directs with the style and attention to detail we have come to expect from him


The direction is perfect


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