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Silas Marner – the Immigrant

Silas Marner – the Immigrant is a stage play based on the novel ‘Silas Marner – the weaver of Raveloe’ by George Eliot.

Silas lives as a linen weaver and a recluse, hoarding the gold coins he earns, only to have them stolen from him one night. Then a golden-haired child wanders into his house. Deciding to keep the child, his life completely alters. He’s been robbed of his gold, but it’s returned to him in the form of golden-haired Eppie.

However, when Eppie grows to be a teenager, a fight for paternity ensues between the rich local landowner and Silas. She chooses Silas over wealth and privilege and helps him integrate into village society. Never able to clear up the details of the initial robbery, caring for Eppie provides joy for her, for Silas and everyone in the village.

The strong realism of George Eliot’s third novel is upheld in an adaptation which examines migration, community and money.

I have just put down Silas Marner and am still mopping away the tears. I have always loved the story and your treatment is terrific.

David Gilmore, Director/Producer

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