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The Quickest Light 


Walter Ralegh marries Bess. As a result, Queen Elizabeth banishes them both from court. Walter lands up in the Tower, found guilty of treason against King James, Elizabeth’s successor. 


A friendship grows with James’ wife, Queen Anna, and Prince Henry, the heir to the throne. Walter and Bess’ relationship deteriorates while his dream of gold and freedom becomes less and less achievable.


On his release from the Tower, Walter begin his journey to dig for gold in Guiana – the gold he needs to save his life. But in Guiana, Walter’s son, Wat, is killed, and he returns from America with no gold, to face a devastated Bess, and a revengeful King. On the eve of his execution, Walter and Bess confront each other. At last, there’s an acceptance that neither would ever have been happy, even if life had been different. His friends gather to say their last farewells. James and Cecil at last realise their dream – the death of Sir Walter Ralegh.

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